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...and our story begins.

This is about us.

"We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone!"

How it started.

We are Antonia, also known as "Paparazzi-Toni" since childhood, and Marc, the nerd with a fable for technology.  


We like good food, loud music, hearty laughter. And traveling together due to which it all began. ... Ok, that doesn't sound very plausible yet, for a better understanding it is necessary to go into the past:

Klein Toni alias Antonia got her first camera at the age of 7, from then she tormented her friends and family with her paparazzi self ;-): Every event was documented. 2012 Marc and Paparazzi Toni got to know each other and the story began ... Because as a self-confessed technology freak (which probably correlates with his studies in computer science) the right camera selection was studied very intensively in order to buy the first camera together. But during our vacation in Venice Paparazzi-Toni captured nearly every single house and took about 20987358908247790 pictures (anybody who has ever witnessed the beauty of Venice will know that this is quite justified!) therefore annoyed sweetheart alias Marc decided that the only way to endure this is an own camera! At the same time Marc quickly noticed: “Cities are boring. I want to capture PEOPLE”.

…and this is how  we fell in love with photography, finally with professional camera equipment and with the focus: LOVE.

KundK. Kater und Katze. It means (male) cat and (female) cat. 2013. Our first summer together. Always accompanied by a song: pictures with a cat from Frittenbude. And always accompanied by pictures, so all the more suitable for us. Since then we are know as "Kater und Katze". During Toni's semester abroad in London in autumn 2013 we took 1000 pictures to bridge the time that we could not be together and when we were together we also took 1000 selfies. Because photos are a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.

2014 our first flat. The letters above our bed: K & K, brought from London. Even more pictures with a cat. In 2016, we decided to expand photography and the first thing we knew was the name of our company: Kater und Katze.

Photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone. For us. And for you. ❤

But since 2021 we can be found under "Toni and Marc". Why? Because it is more personal and many of our weddings take place worldwide, "Toni and Marc" is of course much easier to understand internationally.

Why we are also known as KundK.

Design ohne Titel-3.png

"We never met a sunset we didn't like."


Our Philosophy.

Photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone. For us. And for you.

To be a return ticket to a moment, pictures must be one thing above all: REAL. They have to tell stories. Stories written by life. Unconventional. Cheerful. Individually. That's why we don't like stiff posing, no rigid rules. We want sparkles in your eyes, hearty laughter, dancing in the rain, wind in your hair, "falling in one another's arms".


Our heart beats for everything that is authentic. Be wild and free and wonderful!

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