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This is about us.

We burn for your stories full of love & passion: your love story as a couple, the proposal for a common future, the start of a life together with a big wedding or an elopement in a close circle or even as a couple. Or your little miracle.


The best for us: love & travel. So why not combine the two?


We accompany you worldwide, wherever love takes us.


If we want to go on vacation there, you will also save the travel costs.

So don't be afraid to ask about your dream destination.








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Couple & Family Sessions

KundK. Kater und Katze. It means (male) cat and (female) cat. 2013. Our first summer together. Always accompanied by a song: pictures with a cat from Frittenbude. And always accompanied by pictures, so all the more suitable for us. Since then we are know as "Kater und Katze". During Toni's semester abroad in London in autumn 2013 we took 1000 pictures to bridge the time that we could not be together and when we were together we also took 1000 selfies. Because photos are a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.

2014 our first flat. The letters above our bed: K & K, brought from London. Even more pictures with a cat. In 2016, we decided to expand photography and the first thing we knew was the name of our company: Kater und Katze.

Photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone. For us. And for you. ❤

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Bei allen Hochzeitsreportagen arbeiten wir, Toni & Marc, ausschließlich zusammen. um nie entscheiden zu müssen, fotografiert man beim Ja-Wort die Tränen des Brautpaares oder die der Liebsten.